Califonia Bridle Horse Gathering (30.08.-01.09.2024)


Skills north of the Alps

Riders competing in "The Skills north of the Alps" will be competing in one of the following divisions and will be judged in all three classes which make up their division.  Only one horse may be used per entry.  (This means that if a rider chooses to compete with more than one horse they will need to fill out a separate registration form for each horse and each horse must complete all three classes that make up their division.)

Open –  Very experienced cowboy/cowgirl.  Our highest level of competitor.
 -Ranch Roping-Breakaway
 -Team Sorting
 -Ranch Horse Pattern - Lope

Intermediate – Someone who is developing their skills and does NOT do this for a living.
-Ranch Roping – One head catch-Breakaway
-Team Sort
-Ranch Horse Pattern – Trot or Lope

Novice – Someone who is new to this style and just getting started.
-Cattle Sorting
-Ranch Roping – Breakaway
-Ranch Horse Pattern – Trot or Lope

​Youth – Anyone under the age of 18
-Cattle Sorting
-Ranch Roping – Breakaway
-Ranch Horse Pattern – Trot or Lope

The disciplines offered can change depending on the number of participants

Head Judge: Miles Kingdon B.C. Canada


Judging is based on smoothness, respect for the livestock, the horses and crew members as well consideration for the facilities.

Each event is given a time limit but the speed at which a job is done is less important than the quality of horsemanship and stockmanship that is shown throughout the completion of the job.

The "Skills north of the Alps" is designed to provide opportunities to showcase ourselves and our horses at a variety of levels.  Although our ultimate goal is to be showing our horses in the bridle, all levels of training are welcome and horses and riders will be judged with consideration given to the horse's age, level of training and level of experience.

Riders who show an understanding and recognition of maintaining the calm, quiet demeanor in the cattle will be recognized.  Riders who choose to spend more time to set things up so they run smoothly will be given more points than those who sacrifice the equanimity of the herd to get the job done more quickly.

This competition is open to all working and amateur cowboys and cowgirls.  We welcome everyone who has an interest in this way of life.  That being said, it is also an opportunity to observe, show and share our passion for a good working stock horse, trained with the intricate, beautiful and sophisticated traditional system of the Vaqueros; jaquima to freno.  For this reason, special attention and preference will be shown to those choosing to present themselves and their horses in the traditional equipment: hackamore, two-rein or straight up as this is the ultimate show of time, effort, care and development of feel.


30. August 2024 bis 01. September 2024